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Kyle Tait

Kyle TaitKyle Tait, owner of Fahrenheit Fitness and Safety Consultants is a full time professional Fire Fighter and First Responder Instructor. Kyle is also trained in all aspects of Technical Rescue and Hazmat Response. He holds a current BCRPA Personal Training Certification and a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor Certification.

Kyle has 8 years experience instructing fellow First Responders and civilians alike. Kyle’s philosophy is to have fun in a professional way with his students while learning absolutely essential life saving skills. We feel that our experiences on the job give us some real credibility and our students will trust and respect our methods. Fahrenheit offers the most current and up to date First Aid and CPR training of all levels.

Kyle Tait, owner of Fahrenheit Fitness and Safety Consultants, is born, raised and currently resides in the Fraser Valley.